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MOI Mission Trip 2014

MOI, a project of HACBED, Inc., in its annual trip to Haiti is headed for Montrouis, Haiti, a town located almost an hour northwest of Port-au-Prince, to do work at its sponsored orphanage from October 17-27. See further details on the tabs below. To register, click here.

Earthquake Memorial 2015

As the date approaches, MOI is prepping for the 5th anniversary of the earthquake. We will remember our lost ones, review progresses since 2010, and forge a better future for Haiti. The venue will be our regular host, Good Samaritan Church located in Grayson, GA.

Haitian Flag Day

Each year, MOI partners with GHAA and several other organizations to commemmorate the creation of the Haitian Flag in May 1803, which eventually led to Haiti's indepen-dence in January 1804. In May 2015, the celebration will be held in Cobb county, Georgia.

The MOI Project, in its annual trip to Haiti will head to Montrouis, Haiti to do work at its orphanage. To register, click here.
The trip will consist of a team of MOI members and volunteers that will engage in the following:

Water Project

Water Purification and Distribution

We have the ability to draw water from underneath the ground. We need $1,000 to purchase the parts necessary to complete our equipment so we can purify the water, transfer and seal it in a plastic container, refrigerate it, and put it out to market. This project woiuld help teach the kids tangible skills and bring the orphanage closer to becoming self-sustainable.

Bakery Project

Bakery Project

We have a building setup to become a bakery. We lack some equipment, totalling $2,000, to complete the project. Completing the bakery will allow us to produce baked goods for the orphanage as well as for sales, bringing funds that can be used for other needs in the orphanage. In addition, the children can develop baking, sales, and management skills that they can use the rest of their lives.

Sports Activities

Sports Clinics and Activities

We will bring sports equipment for the children, allowing them the ability to recreate themselves on the orphanage facilities. We will also hold clinics on sports activties during our visit to help them develop a good sense of sportsmanship as well as skills they can use for their future. Sports equipment donations are needed.


Children of the Orphanage

The orphanage has 25 children that need continous care: Shelter, clothing, food, medical services, and schooling. They range in age from 2-17. We need all of your help and support to ensure that they grow into strong, healthy, and educated children that can contribute to society. By clicking on the donate link, you can help us get closer to our goal.